All of Your Wedding Stationery Questions — Answered!

FAQ with Lauren from Custom Creations Boutique

Let’s be honest: Wedding planning can be overwhelming. You probably have lots of questions! Where do you even begin? That’s why I’ve put together this FAQ to help answer some of the most frequently-asked questions about wedding stationery that I hear from my clients.

When do I start?

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🎶 Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start 🎶 (*cue the Sound of Music soundtrack*). While this may just be a song lyric, it is rooted in truth: You should reach out to your stationery designer at the beginning of your wedding planning process. The earlier, the better!

In general, you will want to send your save-the-dates 9-12 months prior to your wedding date. This means meeting with your stationer in advance to allow time for consultation, design, printing, and sending them to your guests!

Next, it’s time to tackle your invitation! Depending on your wedding location and how many out-of-town guests you have, I recommend sending out your invitations about 2.5-3.5 months before your big day. And, don’t forget about your day-of stationery! These materials can be ordered closer to your wedding date, once you have some of your details finalized (such as your menu and decor).

For a more detailed breakdown of this process, check out my other blog post to help guide you through your wedding stationery timeline!

Wedding stationery suite including invitation, RSVP card, details card and menu.
Photo: Anton and Natalie Photography, Stationery: Custom Creations Boutique

Keep in mind, I am a custom designer: This means that I need time to create unique artwork for you! It typically takes me about 4-8 weeks to design and produce most artwork, but this timeline can be longer depending on the number of stationery components involved. To be safe, try to begin this process sooner rather than later!

What is included in your package?

In short, anything you want! Since I offer a completely custom wedding stationery experience, all of my products and services are “a la carte.” For example, if you want a certain number of one card but a different number of another, that’s what we will do. And, you always have the option to add-on different services. Forgot to order thank-you cards? Just looking for signage and day-of materials? I’ve got you covered! Basically, everything is completely custom for your exact needs. 

What is included in your pricing?

Just as the package is completely custom, the pricing will also vary based on which materials and services you would like to purchase. I can’t provide a pricing estimate until we sit down for a consultation and discuss the type of stationery materials you would like. However, in general, my design fee includes the costs of my design time, file preparation, printing, trimming, and assembly. I also offer other services, such as envelope printing, which includes the envelope printed with the return address and guest addresses.

If you would like to discuss a package to get a personalized quote, contact me here or set up a free consultation in the Calendly app on the CCB homepage!

How many invitations should I order?

This number will vary, but in general, you should plan to order one invitation per household. If the family has older kids, you may choose to order one invitation for parents and a second one for the kids. And, I recommend ordering a few more than you think you will need — It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Also, I always provide two extra copies of your suite. First, I provide a keepsake for you. Many couples save their keepsake in their wedding album as another beautiful reminder of the special day. Additionally, I provide a second copy that you can give to your photographer to capture some beautiful detail shots. This way, you don’t have to worry about tracking down your invitation at the end!

What kind of printing do you offer?

I do most of my digital printing in-house. However, for some specialty embellishments, such as foil or letterpress, I work with a few companies that I trust. Additionally, I offer other unique materials such as stickers, napkins, diecuts, and more. These products cannot currently be printed in-house; nevertheless, they are very feasible for me to create for you if planned in advance.

Stack of wedding invitations printed with gold border

Another benefit of working with a professional designer for your stationery: I quality-check all of my work and ensure all of my products are correctly printed. That means peace of mind for you!

Do you address envelopes?

Yes! I am more than happy to print your envelopes with your guests’ addresses. I can also print your return address on the envelope as well. This helps your whole suite to look more polished, and it’s less work for you! I currently do not, however, offer hand calligraphy. I do have recommendations for calligraphers if this is a ‘must’ for you!

Do you mail the invitations?

No — This is where you come in. All components of your suite will be provided to you printed and assembled. You are responsible for stuffing your envelopes, sealing them, and stamping them. Don’t forget, you will also need to go to the post office to weigh your envelopes to make sure you have the right amount of postage.

Photo: Misa Flix, Stationery: Custom Creations Boutique

Still have unanswered questions about stationery for your wedding? Contact me to set up a free consultation and I will answer all of your questions!

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