Once Upon a Time(line): A Timeline for Your Wedding Stationery

There are so many things happening around your wedding, it can be difficult to figure out the timing of each piece of the planning. Luckily, I am here to share some helpful tips on how best to plan the timeline for preparing and sending out all you wedding-related stationery!

Photography: Sydney Kroll

10-12 Months Before Your Date:

Wedding planning is a long process. That’s why you should have your date planned about a year ahead of time. Just under a year from that date, you should send out your Save-the-Dates! Though this may seem like a long time, it’s helpful to give your guests very advanced notice for the best turnout on your big day. That way, they can plan any time they’ll need to take off of work or what to do with the kids, especially if your wedding will require them to travel. Plus, these little cards will be the first peek to get your guests excited about your wedding, and they’ll keep your big day in mind when making their plans! (This is especially important for summer weddings when people are making vacation plans)

5-6 Months Before Your Date:

About 6 months before your wedding date, you should have some ideas of the details of your special day, such as your colors and the location. Then, you’ll want to meet with a stationer to begin to design your invitations! This is the fun part: After an initial consultation, I will draw up some concepts for you to find out what you like. The custom-design process is special because you can be as involved as you want. Some clients have a specific idea of what they want their stationery to look like; others want their designers to take the creative reins! Whichever you prefer, be sure to give your stationer time to prepare the perfect invitation for you. Each stationer’s timeline can differ, but the more details you add, the longer they will need to design.

Photography: Sydney Kroll

8-12 Weeks Before Your Date:

Now’s the time to send out the details of your wedding! After consulting with your stationer for a few months, you’ll have the perfect invitation suite to send out to your invitees. This suite should include the invitation, and RSVP cards. It could also include details about the location, timing, and accommodations. 8 to 12 weeks is an ideal timeframe to make sure you give your guests plenty of time to respond, while also making sure the date is close enough to stay present in their mind.

4-5 Weeks Before Your Date:

Be sure to set a deadline for return of your RSVPs so that you can get a final headcount! These numbers will be very important in planning your seating arrangements, creating place cards, and finalizing your catering plan. Not to mention, you will always have that guest who forgets to reply until after the requested date. From here on out is the final grind. You’re almost there!


Congratulations! You made it to your big day! When everyone says that the day flies by in a blur, they mean it. Make sure to take some time to slow down and enjoy all the love around you. You deserve it!

Photography: Sydney Kroll

2-3 Weeks After Your Date:

Don’t forget thank-you cards! Be sure to thank your guests for making your day so special with a brief personalized note. Your stationer can design these cards to match the decor and theme of your wedding, so it is the perfect token to remember your big day! Depending on your honeymoon length, this may vary a bit. It is always best to get them out sooner rather than later, but traditional rule of thumb is within the first year.

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