Upgrading Your Invitation Suite with Embellishments: Belly Bands, Wax Seals, and More!

One of the best ways to make your wedding stationery stand out from the crowd is with invitation embellishments. From detailing on envelopes all the way to ribbons and belly bands, these elements are what make your design extra special and unique to you!

Envelope detailing

Let’s start from the outside: the first thing that your invitees see is the envelope. Luckily, an envelope can be so much more than a carrier for your invitation. An envelope liner is a simple yet sophisticated detail that you can add to any style of invitation. These can be solid colors, patterns, or even a monogram! You can choose to use an envelope liner in either the outer envelope or the inner envelope.

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Wax seals are another one of my favorite invitation embellishments that elevate your design. This is a fun detail typically added to an inner envelope that makes your invitation feel extra elegant. Wax seals can be made in nearly any color and style, as well as mattes and metallics. Your designer can even create a custom monogram stamp for your seal! (P.S. Keep in mind that wax seals take a bit of time to create and apply, so be sure to give your stationer extra time if you want this detail included on your invitations!)

Pocket folds

A pocket fold is a perfect addition to a multi-piece stationery suite. Many invitation sets include not only the main invitation card, but also an RSVP card, a menu, a schedule, and additional cards detailing accommodations and other information. Pocket folds have a space to attach your invitation with an extra pocket for your additional cards, while a single pocket panel typically does not contain space for a mounted invitation. Either way, these embellishments are a great place to use one of your accent colors for an extra pop of color!

Ribbons and belly bands

Everyone loves opening presents, so wrapping your invitation set with a bow is a perfect way to make your invitees feel extra special. The best part about this type of invitation embellishment is that it can be tailored to any type of design. For anything from traditional to boho, you can use classic ribbons, silk, satin, or even twine to match your colors and style.

If you opt for a simpler invitation with fewer pieces, an additional piece of paper called a belly band is another great embellishment to hold your elements together in a unique and beautiful way. A monogram die-cut can be added to your belly bands to elevate the design even more!

Vellum jackets and sheets

Vellum is a sheer parchment paper used as a jacket or sheet to add an additional layer of elegance to an invitation. These embellishments typically cover the main invitation card, and are often sealed with a wax seal or a belly band. This sheer piece comes in several hues and can even be printed on for a chic finish.

Mats and double mats

When you work with a custom designer, you can be confident that you are going to get high-quality paper. But, one of the easiest ways to make your invitation even sturdier is by mounting it on top of a second piece of paper called a mat. Many couples even opt for an extra layer to create a double mat effect. These additions are some of the simplest invitation embellishments and can make your stationery feel even more high-end!

There are so many ways to elevate your wedding invitations with any of these embellishments. Choose one or combine several together; whichever you choose, you can make your guests feel extra special by upgrading your stationery with these invitation embellishments!

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