Stationery for Your Big Day: A Guide to All of Your Wedding Day Stationery Needs

When you think of wedding stationery, the first thing to come to mind is likely save-the-dates and invitations. While these are essential pieces of your wedding stationery, it doesn’t stop there! On your wedding day, there are many types of signage and stationery to coordinate. Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! This guide will help you through all of the “day-of” stationery that you will need for your wedding day!

Photo: Rob Charles Photography, Sign: Custom Creations Boutique

Start with Signage

A welcome sign is important because it is the first thing that your guests will see when they arrive at your wedding! There are lots of options for your signs: It can simply be an introduction sign with the couples’ names, or you can use it for a specific message. For example, some couples choose an “unplugged” ceremony, during which they request that guests don’t use their cell phones — This can be written elegantly on a sign preceding the ceremony to make sure guests know the proper etiquette of the event.

Photo: MisaFlix, Signs: Custom Creations Boutique

The best part? Your signage can be both beautiful and functional. Signs are literally a blank canvas: You can incorporate your colors and motifs from your other stationery (like your invitations!) to make your decor more cohesive! Make sure to talk to your stationery designer ahead of your wedding date: We know how to make each sign you may need, and we will design them in a way that fits your style!

Signage doesn’t stop at your ceremony. From general directions to indicating the location of a guest book, tables, food, and more, signage can be a great tool to provide information to your guests in an easy and beautiful way.

Speaking of reception stationery…

Take Your Seats:

Seating Charts and Place Cards

Organizing your guests for your wedding dinner can be a tricky puzzle to solve. Luckily, seating charts are a great way to direct your guests to the proper tables. And, you have many options when it comes to how you present the seating! Personally, I also love the idea of displaying place cards at the entrance to your reception, where your guests get to pick up their own names to guide them to their table.

Photo: Michelle Dorothy Photography, Stationery: Custom Creations Boutique

Alternatively, you can also choose to use a combination of these methods! For dinners that require guests to be in a specific location, a seating chart can tell your guests their assigned table. Then, escort cards placed upon the plates can identify each guest’s designated seat.

Make sure that you remember table signs and numbers as well so that your guests can easily identify their table!

Photos: J. Parsons Photography, Stationery: Custom Creations Boutique

With this many options, you can also get creative with designs! Your reception venue will look even more elegant and cohesive with signage and place cards that coordinate with your color palette and decor. I love when I can incorporate details and motifs from an invitation that I designed into signage for the wedding day stationery.

Check out these beautiful architecture-inspired table signs: They coordinate perfectly with the architectural illustrations from the couples’ invitations!

Photos: MisaFlix, Stationery: Custom Creations Boutique

What’s on the Menu?

Menus are another essential piece of your wedding day stationery. Your guests will be looking forward to their meal — And they’ll want to know exactly what’s on the menu! My favorite way to design a menu is to blend it seamlessly into the decor. Your menu should be as beautiful as your other table settings.

This is another great time to talk to your stationery designer to ensure that your wedding menu looks as enticing as the food on it!

Another great detail you can add to your wedding menu is to make it personalized.

Personalized wedding menu with guests name attached with a wax seal.

If you have designated meals for each guest, you can even add their name to their menu as a sweet, personal touch!

Photo: Grace Jicha Photography, Menu: Custom Creations Boutique

And, don’t forget any additional menus for other locations throughout your reception. Bar menus and dessert signage are other great additions to make it easy for your guests to find exactly what they want, all while adding more beautiful details to your decor!

Say “I do” to Vow Books

Finally, my favorite piece of wedding day stationery is vow books! There is something so special about writing down your words of love for eternity. They are also functional, so that nerves won’t cause you to forget your words, and you aren’t fumbling with a crumpled piece of paper that can ruin the romance of your big moment.

White wedding vow books tied with twine

A vow book is a beautiful keepsake that not only makes the ceremony less stressful, but also will remind you of your love forever.

Photo: Kate Elaine Photography, Vow Books: Custom Creations Boutique

Rounded vow cards displayed with a flower arrangement

Vow books can come in any size, color, and style. You can even opt for vow cards, which you can put on display at your reception and even in your home after your big day!

Photo: Anton and Natalie Photography, Vow Cards: Custom Creations Boutique

Read here to learn more about why vow books are the best way to save your vows forever!

…and don’t forget to have fun!

My favorite part about wedding day stationery is that you can be creative and fun! Are you silly and clever? Make a sign with a pun! Signage is also a great way to play up a wedding theme, such as travel or retro styles. Get creative with the styles and wording on your signs to make them feel unique and special to you!

Sign for a s'mores bar that says "I love you s'more!"
Photo: Michelle Dorothy Photography, Sign: Custom Creations Boutique

Looking for a way to give information without ruining an elegant aesthetic? Your stationery designer can create something that matches your style! And, if you simply need help getting your message across in a “proper” way, we know how to find the perfect wording for your signs!

Now that you know all about signage, place cards, menus, and vow books, you are ready to take on your big day! All that’s left to do is to have fun and celebrate with the ones you love!

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