Say “I do” to Vow Books: The Best Way to Save Your Vows Forever

Exchanging your vows is the most personal and special part of your wedding! It is a moment that you will cherish for the rest of your life. And, there are many fantastic keepsakes that can help you commemorate these incredible moments: from vow books, vow cards, and even framed vow photos!

Why save your vows?

To start off, let’s talk about the importance of having a vow keepsake! There are so many great reasons to save your words of love. Your vows are your promises and intentions for your marriage, and they set the path for your life together. Immortalizing these promises forever is a great reminder of your love for one another!

Some couples frame their vows to look at every day. Others may opt for to re-live their vows on special occasions, like anniversaries!

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Alternatively, you can safely store your vow books with other important keepsakes. These make great stories to share and even pass down through generations to share your love with your whole family. This is a great opportunity to re-experience these precious memories.

Don’t forget, vows are not only for your wedding ceremony! For couples who are already married, vow renewal ceremonies or anniversary parties are a great opportunity to reaffirm your love for each other. Share that love with your friends and family by exchanging vows again! Getting vow books to commemorate your original vows (or new ones!) is the perfect way to remember these celebrations of love!

Make it custom!

Custom vow books are even more special! This means you can completely personalize every aspect of your keepsake: from size, paper, color, designs, and more! Personally, I love designing books that coordinate with the clients’ stationery. It brings together multiple elements of your special day, so you can be reminded of the beauty of your wedding over and over! And, I hand-stitch each vow book, which makes them even more unique and personal!

Types of Vow Keepsakes:

Vow Books

I absolutely love vow books! These sweet journals are my go-to recommendation to all couples: They are beautiful, versatile, and totally customizable! The small journal-style vow book is a timeless classic.

You can ask your designer to pre-print your vows in your books for a neat, clean look. Or, opt for empty pages so you can hand-write your vows yourself!

Another sweet addition to your vow books is a special quote that means a lot to you. Sayings such as “Forever and Always” or “Love you to the moon and back” can bring back butterflies reminiscent of the early days of your relationship!

Whichever you choose, you can return to your vow books over and over again to re-live one of the best days of your life!

Oh, and they’re functional too!

While vow books are wonderful for immortalizing these important memories, they are also great for reading your vows during your ceremony! Don’t risk nerves causing you to forget parts of your vows, or reading from a crumpled piece of paper that interrupts the elegance and romance of your big moment. A pocket-sized vow book is the perfect solution! Choose a beautiful vow book that fits the rest of the aesthetic of your special day!

Style and substance? Vow books are truly the best of both worlds!

Vow Cards

If you don’t need a full book to write your vows, a vow card is another fantastic option! These cards can be framed or kept in a photo album, and are a simple and beautiful way to store the precious memories of your big day. Because of their polished, elegant look, vow cards typically have vows pre-printed on them. And, like vow books, they can also be made to coordinate with your other wedding decor and stationery!

Vow Photos

Looking for a more unique way to save your vows forever? Vow photos are a great way to make a completely personal representation of your vows that you can display and enjoy every day! Choose a romantic photo from your big day, and your designer can add an overlay of your vows to make a beautiful combination to celebrate your love. Hanging your framed vow photo provides a daily reminder of your love, commitment, and happiness!

Vow books, vow cards, vow photos, oh my! The options for memorializing your vows are limitless, so are you ready to say “I do” to your vow keepsake?

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