How to Create a Tasteful, Themed Wedding

Themed parties can be a fun way to show off your personality! But, I often hear concerns that a themed wedding may come off as over-the-top or juvenile. This doesn’t need to be the case! There are many ways to incorporate a theme into your wedding in a very classy and tasteful way. I’m here to share with you some of the best tips on how to make your (themed) dreams come true!

Start off with Stationery!

Stationery is the best way to incorporate motifs of your theme in a tasteful and beautiful way! Choose one or two elements of the theme to incorporate throughout your invitations, RSVPs, menus, escort cards, and more. For example (for my fellow Disney lovers out there!), Disney-inspired styles make perfectly romantic wedding themes. Specifically, a Beauty and the Beast-inspired design may highlight the rose motif throughout the stationery.

Alternatively, an Italian-themed wedding may include lemon motifs in a bright and summery color palette.

Between the menus and escort cards, this classy look incorporates just the right amount of the theme without being overpowering.

Photo: Tarren Bailey Photography, Stationery: Custom Creations Boutique

To incorporate your theme in an even more subtle way, you can even use a theme-inspired color palette! Choosing unique colors can tastefully represent your theme, even without overt imagery.

Photo: Bold as Love Studios, Stationery: Custom Creations Boutique

Don’t forget your day-of stationery! Your table signage is another perfect opportunity for a classy addition of your theme. Table numbers can be anything you want! I’ve seen tables named after cities that were special to the couple for a travel theme, or using ornaments as escort cards for a holiday-themed wedding. I even knew a neuroscientist who decided to name her twelve tables after the 12 cranial nerves!

The possibilities are endless, you can get as creative as you wish! Your table signage can become a fun talking piece for your guests, without being over-the-top or cheesy.

Travel-themed wedding invitation save-the-date showing a flight path between two continents.
This couple’s travel-themed wedding was a perfect homage to their international romance! With families on different continents, this beautiful stationery is a tasteful ode to both of their heritages.

Stationery is a great way to add elements of your theme because it allows you to pare down your theme into small details. Planner and stylist Ainsley from Rings and Ridges provides a great tip on how to maintain this elegant look throughout your themed wedding:

“The best way to execute a theme is to think small, meaningful items to not overpower the other aspects of your day! Choose a few items, whether it is centerpieces, invitations, or favors that stick with that theme.”

-Ainsley, Rings and Ridges

Bring in the Bouquet!

Bouquets are another way that you can add classy elements of your theme! Bouquets do not need to be limited to only flowers. You can add small, meaningful objects to your arrangement so you can literally carry your important moments with you down the aisle! For instance, Harry Potter-loving couples sometimes add a wand to their bouquet for a special touch of magic (pun intended) in a subtle and tasteful way.

I love the idea of nontraditional bouquets, such as wooden or paper flowers. These options give so much flexibility for creativity! This couple even opted for flowers created from books that were important to them!

Hide Details in Your Decor!

Themed decorations can sometimes be tricky — It is possible that an over-the-top themed wedding can begin to feel more like a child’s birthday party. However, that doesn’t mean you should shy away from a theme altogether. There are so many ways to subtly add touches of a theme to your wedding decor in a tasteful way.

The trick to mastering the art of a subtle theme is to use pieces that would be beautiful on their own, even if they weren’t part of the larger theme design.

Wedding food table set up with donuts and rustic decor.

This way, you can add little touches of your personality that shine through but maintain a classy look!

Photo: Wonderland Photography CT

For instance, beach-loving couples may opt to include small pearl or seashell motifs in their arrangements. In fact, wedding planner Carisa from Pink Olive Events shared this fantastic piece of advice about how to decorate for a classy, themed wedding:

“When it comes to incorporating a theme into your wedding the days, less is more. You can do this in small and subtle ways, for instance, adding a small seashell to your wedding menu card as opposed to creating over the top beach centerpieces when going with a nautical or beach theme.”

-Carisa, Pink Olive Events

The details will be a fun nod to your theme without overpowering the beauty of your day. And, as an added bonus, you will likely have some guests at your wedding who are as passionate about your theme as you are! For some, spotting these hidden gems will be a fun game to play throughout the night. Noticing all of the creative details that went into your decor will give your guests even more to talk about!

Top it all off with a Cake (Topper!)

Finally, wedding cakes shouldn’t be limited to simple, white cakes. Have fun with your cake! This is a great place where you can really play with your theme, because dessert is supposed to be fun!

Harry Potter-themed wedding cake.

Wedding planner Dana Marie of Dana Marie Weddings shared this sweet tip: “Some ways to incorporate your theme into your wedding day is by including a fun pattern, design, or even color into your wedding cake.”

Photo via Unsplash

Additionally, consider an original cake topper or a unique cake stand that captures your theme. You can be creative in finding ways to incorporate your theme into your cake!

And lastly, be sure to find a theme that is true to you! Choose something that you are passionate about and showcases your personality. If you’re stuck for inspiration, just think about aesthetics that make you happy! Dana Marie also adds: “The environment you create can be telling in regards to your theme for your wedding day. Do you want a warmer, more intimate, small wedding? Maybe go for a Fall evening private dinner vibe.”

This day should be all about you, so enjoy it and make it your own!

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