A Sunny Forecast: The Hottest Wedding Trends for Summer 2022

It may be cold outside right now, but summer is just around the corner! If you’re planning on getting married this summer, you need to start planning now! Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. I’m here to share with you some of the best wedding trends for summer 2022!

Trend Alert 1: Going Green!

Want a large, glamorous wedding, but worried about the amount of waste that comes with it? Luckily, with the environment on many people’s minds these days, sustainable weddings are becoming a very popular! Many weddings vendors have found ways to make the entire wedding process more eco-friendly.

Sustainable Stationery

Some couples worry about the amount of paper used for invitations and other wedding stationery. Custom stationery designers (like myself) have a solution — I offer a wide variety of recycled papers to cover all of your stationery needs without waste! Using this recycled stationery, you can also choose a nature-inspired color palette, with colors like navy blue, sage, or burnt umber to pull your theme together!

Collection of recycled stationery paper in a variety of nature-inspired colors.
Some awesome recycled paper options offered by Custom Creations Boutique!

Eco-conscious decor and more!

And, sustainable wedding options don’t end there! Another eco-conscious idea is to rent your decor instead of buying it! This option creates less waste because the decor can be repeatedly rented and reused, rather than being discarded after the big day.

Eco-conscious couples may opt for unique nature motifs — including dried florals, stones, or shells — as decor, or even for their place cards! Beautiful eco-friendly styles will often include lots of greenery. Eucalyptus for decor is a very popular trend currently!

Aside from unique forms of greenery, florists may offer other sustainable options for your bouquet as well. Consider buying dried or wooden flowers instead of fresh-cut. The added bonus? Your bouquets will last forever, making a special keepsake to help you remember your special day!

Believe it or not, this bouquet of flowers is made of wood! Photo courtesy of Wood and Word Blooms.

For sustainable meals, choose local vendors rather than large caterers. Farm-to-table is a great eco-conscious option that not only helps the environment, but helps the community too! (Plus, farm-to-table food is always fresh and delicious!) If you are considering this type of catering, be sure to keep in mind the local vendor availability in the area when choosing a venue!

With all of these great sustainable ideas, you will want a gorgeous nature-inspired bridal look to go along with it! This wedding look is often styled with a minimalist white dress. But, this style is far from boring! Many brides adorn their hair with small flowers, and choose a natural makeup look that enhances their features.

Trend Alert 2: Boho Style!

Bohemian chic is a great trend that is growing in popularity over the last few years, and will be bigger than ever in summer 2022! A great boho color palette may include warm, rich tones of orange and terracotta — Perfectly reminiscent of a warm summer sunsets! For stationery, boho styles are often modern with a fun twist, like diecuts or unique rounded edges. Personally, I think boho and bold styles are a perfect pair. Go bold with a color-flooded invitation with unique white text! Whatever you choose, stationery is a great way to experiment with a this fun boho trend!

For your boho decor, don’t shy away from big and bold too! Large pampas grass, flowers, and arches make for great statement decor that is perfect for a bohemian style. Saturated hues are perfect for the bohemian vibe! Choosing rich tones from your color palette helps to create a cohesive style.

Summer 2022 bride with lacy green wedding dress and long, flowy hairstyle with a braid.

Now for the couples’ style! Boho brides typically choose a lace-style dress instead of a large, tulle gown. Grooms also tend to have a more laidback style, often opting out of the traditional vest and tie, or even choosing a khaki palette.

Photo: Caitlyn Kershaw Photography

Additionally, boho wedding hairstyles often include long, flowy styles or loose braids. Finally, complete this boho style with a simple glam makeup look!

Trend Alert 3: A Return to the Classics

What can I say? Classics are classics for a reason: They never go out of a style! And, the minimalist and elegant look is all the rage for summer 2022! This style is often accompanied by a traditional romantic color palette: shades of champagne and blush, paired with soft white linens. Florals are also the perfect accompaniment for this classic look. Big bouquets filled with roses and large bulbs make for beautiful accents!

Classic style wedding invitations with black and white palette complemented with pink roses

Minimalism is a great trend this year, and wedding stationery is no exception! A classy design incorporating a black and white palette can elevate your wedding invitations for this perfectly elegant look.

Photo: MFields Photography, Stationery: Custom Creations Boutique

If you’ve ever dreamt of looking like a princess for your wedding, a classic style may be perfect for you! Many brides choose an elegant ballgown style for their classic wedding, and grooms typically opt for the traditional black or charcoal tuxedos. Lastly, hair and makeup are typically reminiscent of the the classic Hollywood glam. Hair is often pinned away from the face in a high or low updo, revealing the glamorous makeup with a hint of shimmer and a bold lip for a pop of color!

Do these revitalized trends make you even more excited for summer 2022 weddings? I love seeing new wedding trends develop, and I can’t wait to see what this year will bring!

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