Pushing the Envelope: Everything You Need to Know About Envelopes for Your Wedding Invitations

We all know that envelopes serve an invaluable functional purpose to protect and deliver your cards. But as a stationery designer, I also know they are so much more! Envelopes have so much potential to become an important piece of your wedding invitation suite. From different shapes and colors, to liners, diecuts, and monograms, envelopes offer the perfect canvas to add a special touch to your invitations!

Envelope Tiers

Let’s start with the basics: The outer envelope.

This is what you will address, stamp, and send to make the first impression on your invitees! First impressions are important, so whether you use a streamlined, classic style or play with fun details, this outer envelope will contribute so much to the entire invitation suite.

Stack of slate blue wedding envelopes with printed calligraphy addresses.

Speaking of addresses, one easy way to make your outer envelope look even more polished is to use automated addressing! Most custom designers (such as myself!) will offer this service. It is a great way to create an elegant, flawless finish.

While white envelopes are timeless, I am a huge fan of choosing a colored envelope that goes with your wedding color scheme. If you want a touch of fun, you can even choose a metallic color to make your envelope stand out!

The Second Layer: What about the inner envelope?

The inner envelope is an often-forgotten element to add to your stationery suite. Placed inside the outer envelope, this layer will contain the actual invitation. It also serves as a location to specifically name each of the invitees. For couples who opt for an extra touch of elegance, this is a great place to put a wax seal!

White inner envelope with a shiny gold wax seal with a custom D monogram.

Envelope Flaps

Another envelope element that many people overlook? The flap! There are actually several different styles to choose from. Personally, I am a huge fan of the Euro-flap style. The Euro-flap is the classic triangle-point style. It provides a large canvas for any embellishments you desire! This style is my go-to: it goes with practically any style, theme, or design!

White and purple envelopes with pointed flap and euro flap styles and diecuts.

However, if you want a very different look, some couples choose a straight-flap or even a pointed-flap style. These are occasionally used for more formal styles, but they leave room for fewer embellishments.

Photo: Sydney and Ryan Kroll Photography

While these flap shapes certainly have their own advantages, they may not be perfect for every style. Luckily, that’s why custom stationery designers are experts who can help you find the perfect shape for your invitation suite!

Now for the fun part: Let’s talk about embellishments!

I’ve already mentioned that wax seals are an elegant addition that many couples choose to make their envelopes look particularly luxurious. But, there are lots of other options as well that can be used to add a special touch to your envelopes!

Add a pop of color with envelope liners!

Liners are one of my absolute favorite embellishments. In my opinion, they are some of the most versatile, fun elements you can add! If you want to better incorporate your color palette, you can choose a solid color liner to flood your envelope with a pop of beautiful color. This is a great place to add a monogram too!

Alternatively, you can use a patterned liner to integrate a floral or geometric motif. Or, if you want to go even more “glam,” you can add a touch of sparkle! There are endless possibilities with this simple addition!

Don’t forget diecuts!

Diecuts are another simple but beautiful way to add a personalized element to your envelopes. These cut-outs are another versatile option that can be used in many different ways. A subtle way to add a diecut is on the outer flap, choosing a unique scalloped edge or lace detail.

Want to make your envelopes even more personalized? Monogram diecuts can be custom-made to celebrate your union with your significant other! This is one of my favorite things about custom stationery: Everything is unique and perfectly tailored to you!

Pockets, Pockets, Pockets!

Everyone loves pockets, so why not add them to your stationery? Pocket envelopes are a great addition to your invitations, especially for a full suite! If your invitation contains an RSVP card, menu, accommodations, schedule, or other detail cards, you’ll need something to hold them all together! I love a pocket fold envelope for this job: They are both functional and beautiful. And, you can add any colors, diecuts, or other embellishments too!

Wow, that was a lot of envelope options! I hope this walk-through has given you more ideas about how to make your wedding envelopes even more special! There are infinite possibilities, but don’t get overwhelmed. You can always refer to your custom stationery designer to create the perfect style envelope for you!

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