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Behind the Scenes at Custom Creations Boutique: Meet Lauren!

Hi everyone! I’m Lauren, the owner and designer for Custom Creations Boutique. You may already know a bit about Custom Creations Boutique if you’ve seen my portfolio or instagram page. But, I think that one of the most important parts about completely custom stationery is the personal connection you form with your stationery designer. So, for those who don’t know me, I wanted to share a bit about my personal story!

Where I Started:

I’ve always loved visual design. In college, I studied graphic design and photography, with studies on topics such as typography and color theory. I worked to become a UX/UI designer, which is my full-time job outside of CCB!

While I love that role as well, I also found a second passion in stationery design in 2017. That year, I began designing stationery for events, such as weddings, for my friends and family. I immediately fell in love with stationery design. It incorporates my love for technical design such as typography and color, while also letting my creative side have fun!

Floral wedding invitation suite with shower invites, save-the-date, wedding invitation, menu, and thank you cards.
This was one of the first full wedding suites that I ever designed!
Photo: Sydney and Ryan Kroll

After realizing this passion for stationery design, I began Custom Creations Boutique in 2018 and never looked back! It has been an incredible journey to grow as a designer and as a businesswoman. Not only do I love the interactions with clients and learning about each and every person’s unique story and passions, but I also have formed a fantastic community with other wedding vendors and businesswomen.

Fun Facts About Me:

I am a huge foodie!

I LOVE food. So much, in fact, that I consider food to be my love language (you can’t convince me it’s not a love language!). I love to cook and experiment with new flavors and ideas, but I also love when others cook for me! Since I have to follow a somewhat restricted diet, finding delicious things that I can eat has, at times, been a challenge. But, that challenge has allowed me to explore all sorts of unique foods! I love being adventurous and trying new restaurants and cuisines. On that note…

I love to travel!

I caught the “travel bug” years ago, when I first spent time abroad during college. I’ve traveled to three different countries, and have loved unique aspects of each of them! Italy has the best food. Call me biased, since I come from a big Italian family, but that cuisine was one of my favorites I’ve ever had.

I also traveled to Thailand shortly after graduating college. I got to spend some time with elephants, which are my favorite animal! Thailand was my favorite for its unique culture and people! Finally, I’ve also traveled to Spain. I spent time in Barcelona with my sister, and I absolutely loved the architecture there! Although I haven’t been able to travel recently, I am looking forward to more adventurous trips in the future!

I enjoy hiking and being outdoors!

When I can’t travel, I still love looking for adventure anywhere I can find it, such as going hiking! I’ve lived in CT my whole life, and have found lots of amazing hiking trails throughout the state. And, I have a wonderful hiking buddy: my dog Gypsy! Speaking of which, allow me to introduce my pets:

I have a dog and a cat!

I have a dog named Gypsy and a cat named Cashew! They are adorable and bring so much joy and love to my life! Gypsy is energetic and incredibly loving. She likes to be tucked in on the couch with her favorite blanket — But, if we get up, you can bet she’s coming too! Cashew is playful and sweet, with a touch of mischief. She loves to pounce and play, but also enjoys “helping” me by sleeping on top of my work.

Sunflowers are my favorite flowers!

Sunflowers are my absolute favorite. Their bright, yellow color and tendency to always face the light reminds me of strength and positivity. They are beautiful and always grow tall and strong. I even have two tattoos that I designed that incorporate sunflowers! (I have 6 tattoos total, and plan to get many more!). And finally, on the topic of plants…

I am growing my green thumb!

I currently have over 20 plants in my house! I especially love succulents, but they are harder to maintain than people often think! I am always looking to find another perfect plant to add to my little family. In fact, I just won a new little beauty, “Betty,” in a giveaway from Moscarillo’s Garden!

I hope that these facts helped you learn a little more about me! I can’t wait to meet you and learn about your passions too!

Love, Lauren

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