A Letter to Engaged Couples of 2022 & 2023

Dear Engaged Couples of 2022 & 2023,

We are ready for you! The wedding industry has predicted a so-called “wedding boom” in the coming years, and Custom Creations Boutique has been working tirelessly to prepare! According to many experts, 2022 is going to host the most weddings we’ve seen in a single year since 1984! With Covid halting most weddings for over a year, the rescheduled weddings combined with the recently-engaged couples planning their weddings means that there are lots of marriages that are going to be happening soon.

“2022 is going to host the most weddings we’ve seen in a single year since 1984!”

Let’s Get Ready to party!

This does mean that wedding vendors are getting booked up quickly. Here’s a tip: when you find the vendor that you like, book them right away! Many people are already booked for 2022 and are rapidly booking up 2023 already as well! Not to worry, at Custom Creations Boutique, we have refined and streamlined our processes and we are ready to take on new clients for custom wedding stationery for the upcoming years!

How do we prepare for the fallout of the pandemic?

Although CCB is ready and excited to work with you now, there are also other factors to consider when planning your wedding timelines. You may have heard the rumors about increased costs and shipping times, especially as holiday months approach. Unfortunately, these rumors are true. Shipping delays can be up to 10 days beyond their normal times! Additionally, the cost of paper and postage is dramatically increasing as well. For my 2022 Custom Creations Boutique clients, I have already begun to order paper in advance to try to beat these issues. In addition to the delays, some stationery vendors are also facing supply shortages and restocking delays. I am stocking a private supply of paper so that I can be sure my clients get exactly what they want! This way, I can also begin designing your custom stationery immediately to decrease the impact of these delays!

pastel blue and pink wedding stationery set with modern rustic florals.

On this note, I also want to remind couples that custom designs take extra time! A completely customized stationery suite is going to take a lot longer to consult, design, print, and assemble. I can’t reinforce this enough: Schedule your consultation with a custom stationery designer as soon as possible!

Photo: Grace Jicha Photography

But don’t worry: We’ve got you covered!

Now, while it is important to instill this urgency and remind you to start your planning early, I also want to end this letter on an optimistic note: Wedding vendors are seasoned professionals. We have done our research. We have been mentally and physically preparing for what may be a record-breaking year of incredible weddings! So, please be reassured that despite these obstacles, we will be here to help you through any curveballs during the planning process. I know that wedding planning can be a stressful and exhausting process. Nevertheless, please make sure that you take time to relax and enjoy your engagement! Whether you are planning a wedding in a few months or in a few years, enjoy the time you have together and the anticipation and excitement of your big day!

So, everyone together, let’s pause a moment: Inhale… Exhale… Repeat. Take a breath and remember that your wedding will be special because it is a day to celebrate you and your partner! Minor imperfections are always to be expected. Even if you don’t get every vendor or aspect of your initial dreams, your wedding will always be an extraordinarily memorable day. In the end, the only thing that matters about your wedding day is the person you choose to spend the rest of your life with!

2022 is going to be a great year for weddings, and I am so excited to be a part of it! Excited to begin? Book your consultation today; I can’t wait to make your stationery dreams come true!

With love,

Lauren and Custom Creations Boutique

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