The Best Insider Wedding Tips (From the Pros!)

From the planning process to the big celebration, weddings are a whirlwind of decisions. But, don’t be overwhelmed! Seasoned wedding industry professionals have years of experience to give the best advice you need to get through every aspect of your wedding. So, I’ve gathered some of the best wedding tips, straight from the wedding professionals themselves!

It’s your day! Celebrate in the way that feels right for you.

Our first tip comes from the fabulous elopement planner and stylist, Rings and Ridges!

Wedding elopement couple on hike in the rain wearing just married tags on their backpacks.

“Eloping allows you to fully embrace the day and have it truly represent your love for each other and your relationship. Do things on your day that you love to do together! Hike a mountain, watch the sunrise at the beach and if needed, embrace the rain!”

Photo: Shear Bliss Photography

In my opinion, this is one of the most important pieces of advice you can listen to: It’s your day! This is a day when you can ignore traditions, expectations, or anyone else’s opinions, and just do what makes you and your significant other happy.

The secret for your best hair day

This wedding tip comes from the ever-stylish hair and make-up artist, LA Page Makeup: “Make sure to wash your hair the day before the wedding. You want it clean enough so it’s not super oily, but ever-so-slightly dirty so it holds the style well.” This is great tip for getting the perfect wedding day hairstyle! Always listen to advice from the experrts, especially when it comes to something as important as hair and make-up for a big event!

Say “yes” to the dress (alterations)!

White wedding dress with beading and lace.

“Trust and communication are an important part of any relationship. That’s when you relax, have fun and magic happens. Your alterations journey should be no different.”

Photo: Grace Jicha Photography

Lauren Rush Alterations shared this great tip on how to make the most out of your dress alteration appointment! You should always feel comfortable during your alterations apppointments so you know that you can find the perfect fit. You deserve to feel confident and beautiful on your wedding day!

Don’t forget about the groom’s style!

Grooms and groomsmen can sometimes be overlooked when it comes to wedding day looks. But floral designer Fountain Head Floral suggests that you always remember to let their personality shine! Creatively icnorporating style into the boutonnières is a perfect way to do this:

Groom with black suit, red tie, and red boutonniere.

“Inject some personality into your boutonnières! Take into account the wearer’s personal style, attire and other accessories when working with your designer. For a more rustic feel, ask your florist for a natural stem boutonnière and play with textures like feathers, dried elements, or berries. For a more lux look, upgrade to hand-dyed silk or velvet.”

Photo: Kayla Marie Candids

Have your cake and eat it too!

Green and white wedding cake and matching cupcakes for beach elopement.

“Funfetti is perfectly acceptable for your wedding cake. That, and any other flavor that makes your heart happy! YOU get to pick whatever makes you the most excited to celebrate with!”

Photo: Caitlin Kershaw Photography

This yummy wedding tip comes from lovely specialty cake creator, Middle Sister Bakes! I wholeheartedly agree with this tip: Always choose what makes you happy! Your wedding day is all about you, so never compromise your favorite options for the sake of others. Furthermore, don’t forget about non-traditional options! Cupcakes, cookies, macaroons — there are plenty of options to choose from, so make sure to opt for the one that makes you happiest!

Coordinate your decor!

Looking for suggestions on your decorations? Wedding decor rental and design service All Sett Up shared this great wedding tip on how to make your venue as beautiful as possible:

Wedding table set-up with blue flowers and signage and other decor.

“Try your best to stick to your theme. If you’re looking to design your day with all the details in mind, we recommend making sure that any piece or decor, whether it’s, furniture, stationary, desserts, florals, accessories, etc., should be consistent with your theme and design. If there is one piece that isn’t and you love it, it’s okay; it’s your day!”

Photo: Tracy Jenkins Photography

This is a great piece of advice! Coordinated decor creates a beautiful and sophisiticated design! And, as a stationery designer, I personally believe that this tip extends into your stationery too! Matching your florals, colors, and decor with your invitations, place cards, and menus can elevate your style even more!

Your photos will become your most cherished keepsakes. Make sure to capture all the details!

Wedding and elopement photographer Shear Bliss Photography shared this fantastic wedding photo idea:

Rustic style wedding elopement stationery with map, rings, and flowers.

“Collect all those little pieces that tell your love story, whether that be your ring, your stationery, a ticket stub from your first date, the sand collected from the beach you had your first kiss, etc., and have your photographer get some great detail shots of those. It’s the little details that I find can be so impactful and special!”

Photo: Shear Bliss Photography

I love the idea of creating a little love story through your photographs! I always suggest to my clients that they have their stationery photographed on their wedding day as well. Adding in details that are significant to you is the perfect way to capture unique memories that will truly showcase your love!

Finally, dance the night away!

And finally, here is a tip about how to make the most of your wedding celebration! This fun tip comes from the fantastic Soul City Band:

“Get all the formalities like special dances, toasts, etc., done right away, so it leaves more time to dance!” This is a perfect way to take care of traditions and also ensure that you have the opportunity to party too!

Loved these wedding tips? Check out this recommended vendor page to see more wedding pros that I recommend for even more great insights into every aspect of your wedding planning! And, check out Custom Creations Boutique’s instagram to get more insider tips on #TipTuesdays!

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