Best Wedding Trends for Fall 2021

To the couples planning on getting married this fall: Your big day is just around the corner! But if you haven’t started the detailed wedding planning yet, never fear! I have gathered some of the season’s hottest trends to give you inspiration!

Trending Colors: Monochrome, metallic, and more!

The color scheme of your wedding is one of the most fun elements to personalize! Once you choose your colors, you can incorporate them into your invitations, flowers, and decor. Some of the season’s most popular colors are navy, burgundy, and multiple shades of green. An easy way to create your wedding palette is to choose one of these “trendy” colors, add a second complementary color, and tie it together with a simple neutral.

Monochrome is also in right now! Couples are loving the single-color palette. You can choose a single color and create a cohesive scheme just by varying the hues. For example, a monochrome pink palette can incorporate burgundy, fuchsia, blush, and rose gold. Looking for a pop of fun? Metallics are also very trendy this fall! A metallic accent can elevate your palette by adding the perfect touch of glamour.

Dress Trends: Lace is in!

Lace is a very popular wedding dress choice right now! Whether you just want a delicate detail or go for a more modern lace-bodice gown, you can’t go wrong with this beautiful style. Many brides are also opting for a modern cut as well — a fitted dress that flatters you in all the right places is one of the most popular styles this season!

Another up-and-coming trend is switching your dress between the ceremony and reception! Worried about comfort? Go ahead and choose the dazzling mermaid cut for your ceremony, and then switch into a more comfortable and flowy style to dance the night away!

Style Trend: Rustic + Glam

One of the most popular wedding styles right now is rustic glam. Likely stemming from the recent increase in the need for outdoor accommodations, barns have become some of the most trendy wedding venues! While you absolutely can capitalize on the rustic vibe inherent to this type of space, you can also make a barn feel luxurious as well. Adding fairy lights, flowers, and some metallic details can make these unique venues just as beautiful as a more traditional setting!

Non-traditional Wedding Trends

It’s no secret that Covid-19 has uprooted some aspects of traditional weddings. Luckily, many people have found ways to work around restrictions, and they’ve developed into fun wedding trends that might even stick around after the pandemic!

Micro-weddings are perhaps one of the most popular of these covid-based trends. A perfect middle-ground between a large party and an elopement, micro-weddings consist of intimate gatherings of less than 15-25 people. Couples may choose option this based on the uncertainty surrounding health restrictions or changes to their budget or priorities. Regardless of the reason, this option provides a way to keep your closest friends and family involved in your special day.

Many other modifications can also be made to traditional weddings to accommodate these unpredictable times. For a more intimate gathering, some couples are choosing a simple backyard wedding. An at-home setting gives you more control over your space, and gives you more opportunities for DIY! Food trucks are also becoming a popular trend for weddings this fall! While eliminating much of the space and personnel needed for traditional catering, you can provide dinner (or dessert!) for your guests as they leave. You can even customize your menu for trendy, non-traditional wedding foods, such as pizza, tacos, mac’n’cheese, or ice cream and waffles!

Don’t want to sacrifice your blowout bash, but also don’t want to delay getting married to your significant other? Many couples are opting to postpone only their reception instead, with anniversary parties becoming more and more popular. You can even do a vow renewal at your one-year celebration so you can still share your love with friends and family!

Photo: Cara Parker Photography

When in doubt, classic never goes out of style! These trends are fun ways to inspire you and incorporate a modern touch into your wedding. Whichever you choose, always be sure to stay true to yourself and your own style. After all, it is your special day!

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