The Importance of Custom Stationery

Weddings are such a special day filled with love and happiness, which is why they are some of my favorite events to design stationery for! But, many people underestimate the importance of having custom stationery for their wedding. So, I am here to share with you some of the reasons that a high-quality custom stationery suite is an essential part of creating your perfect day. 

Detailed flat lay of pink and blue floral invitation
Photography by Anton and Natalie Photography

Custom stationery sets the theme for your big day!

The biggest benefit of custom invitations is that they are perfectly tailored to your specific wedding: your colors, flowers, and general theme. Your save-the-dates and invitations are the first glimpses into the wedding for your guests. With these stationery items, you can show off a formal, elegant night, a rustic, laid-back style, or anything in between! Luckily, stationers are experts in this field, and know exactly what you need to help portray this theme on paper. Everything from the varying paper thickness and color, stylized envelopes and invitation components, and even special touches like foil printing are available to create your unique stationery suite. 

It will get your guests excited for your big day!

After sharing the original news with your family and friends, your invitations are the main way to communicate all of your information about your big day. Your suite often includes even more than the invitation itself: hotel information, food, and weekend events are also important pieces of information that your guests will want to know! Most importantly, these invitations are like a sneak peek of what’s to come! Like I mentioned, your colors and theme will already give your invitees an idea of what to expect at the wedding, so this is a perfect opportunity to get them excited about the big day, and even increase your attendance. Most guests will even hang a beautiful invitation on their fridge!

Bride and groom framed with their custom stationery
Bride and Groom with their framed invitation

Your custom stationery will become an important keepsake from your special day!

Weddings are so fast-paced and brimming with events that you’ll want to have every opportunity to capture every memory possible.

– the importance of Custom Stationery

Read that again: Weddings are so fast-paced and brimming with events that you’ll want to have every opportunity to capture every memory possible. Your high-quality invitations are far more than a piece of paper; they’ll become a keepsake. Many couples even choose to frame their invitation next to their wedding photo, or keep it safe in an album. However you decide to save your invitation, you’ll be happy to look back on the gorgeous design to remind yourself of the beauty of that day forever. 

You are unique, so your invitations should be too!

Let’s face it: templates are never going to live up to your standards to match your special day. Only a one-on-one consultation with a stationer is going to give you the customized control that you need to make sure that your invitations are a perfect fit. You can even have your colors and flowers perfectly matched and added into your design. Your designer will give you multiple versions so that you can pick and choose exactly what you want! Finally, your professional stationer is there to support you! We know what information should be included, and can ensure that your invitations are printed perfectly, that you have the correct number of each component, and even provide address printing!

Flat lay of timeless invitation design
Photography by Cara Parker Photography
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